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U.S. Industry Facts

Considering the environmental implications of current appliance disposal practices, our nation has an opportunity to positively impact the planet. The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 40% of appliances collected by retailers are resold or enter the used-appliance market, where the appliances continue to consume an excessive amount of energy.1

If less used appliances are curbed from entering the market, more new energy-efficient appliance purchases (ENERGY STAR® units) can be made by consumers from retailers.

AAP’s current offerings are efficient and environmentally responsible, making AAP a leader in appliance end-of-life management. AAP has made a commitment to curb the used-appliance business and strongly believes that selling older model used appliances into the market is incompatible with downstream accountability measures.

1 U.S Environmental Protection Agency.






ARCA and GE partner to bring the only source of UNTHA in the US